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Mountain Sleds

Snowmobiling is one of the most exciting ways to experience America's snow-lined back-country, in winter. Unlike other snowsports, this one can be quickly learned and doesn’t require a lot of physical stamina. Two people can comfortable ride one machine, so children or sightseers can be taken along on many trips. Driving one of today's light, nimble snowmobiles is a cross between riding a motorcycle, driving a car, and steering a sled with handlebars, except that you control the speed at all times.

Mountain Snowmobile - 1 - Boise

The sled that defined Flickable. The Pro-RMK. The sled that's built to perform. It responds quickly with ideal ergos and perfect balance. With unmatched technology and weighing only 417 lbs, the Pro-RMK is built for domination.