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🔑 FAQ's:

Q: How do I reserve equipment?

A: Members can reserve online, via email, in the store, or over the phone.

Q: How long is a “day”?

A: Pick up is generally after 3 PM the day before your reservation and drop off is generally before 10 AM the day after your reservation.

Q: Does RedLine have maintenance or cleaning fees?

A: NO! RedLine does NOT have any maintenance or cleaning fees – its included in your Membership fees.

Q: Does RedLine provide insurance?

A: Yes. RedLine provides insurance on the equipment for all Members. However, RedLine does not provide personal liability insurance and recommends each Member consults their insurance agent.

Q: Is the fuel full when I pick it up?

A: Every unit is full at pick-up and Members return units full.

Q: What do I need to do before I drop off a piece of equipment?

A: For all units, make sure the fuel is full. For motorhomes, camp trailers, and toy haulers, empty septic tanks and fill propane – RedLine will perform both of these services for a flat fee of $27. NO cleaning or maintenance required!

Q: What if I don’t know how to use a toy?

A: RedLine provides training on ALL equipment. Some training will be in the applicable environment, while other training will be at the RedLine store or online.

Q: What is the pickup and drop off process?

A: A RedLine representative will assist the Member in checking out the toy, reviewing operating procedures, including safe operating practices, and required personal safety devices necessary for safe and appropriate operation of each piece of equipment. Following a pre-usage inspection conducted by both a RedLine representative and the Member, a review of all applicable policies and procedures for the particular reservation, the Member is ready to go! A RedLine representative will conduct a post-usage inspection with the Member, upon return.

Q: What age limits are there?

A: To be considered for membership, a person must be at least 21 years of age. No member under 25 may reserve or operate a motorhome. Members are required to follow manufacturers recommended ages to operate any and all equipment.

Q: What if I want more points during a year of the membership?

A: Points can be purchased a la carte to supplement the annual allocation of points based on the Membership Agreement.

Q: Do points expire?

A: For the duration of the membership agreement, points will not expire. Unused points will rollover year to year, for the duration of the Membership Agreement. Any unused points in the last year of a membership will be forfeited when the membership expires, unless the Membership is renewed before the expiration date.

Q: How are points allocated?

A: As agreed and defined by each individual Membership Agreement, a set number of points are deposited into a Member's account on their anniversary date of each membership year.

Q: Can I sell my membership, or transfer points to another member's account?

A: At the discretion of RedLine, it may be possible to transfer one's membership to a qualified prospective new member, and/or transfer points from one's account to another current member's account.

Q: Does RedLine offer Membership financing?

A: RedLine offers various payment arrangements to fit all needs. No outside financing is needed. For a small monthly due you have access to the latest and best brand name snowmobiles, ATV's, UTV's, competition wake boats, ski boats, class A and class C RV's, motorcycles, toy haulers, camp trailers, etc.