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Customer Testimonials

Fun in McCall

For our family vacation we took the ski boat from Boise up to McCall and had a spectacular time.

The boat was a big hit with us, our 4 & 6 year olds, and their friends we invited to join us. Cruising the lake, inter-tubing with the kids, and taking in the sites of McCall from the water was great. I just could not have asked for a better time! It was nice to get private lessons from Dan as well on the operation of the boat - he was a real pro and put me at ease as a newer operator. We actually had several people come up to us and ask us how we liked our boat, and mention they were thinking of buying one. It was nice to have one of the nicer pieces of equipment on that water.

Equipment was in perfect shape, the load up and return was easy, and we focused our time on making memories for our family and friends!

Thanks RedLine!

5 Star Service

I just wanted to let you know of my first experience reserving equipment with RedLine.

Recently I wanted to reserve a couple of personal watercraft but was not sure whether a particular lake would allow them. Thinking that, by way of conversation with many of your current clients, RedLine might know the answer. I called and spoke with Jessica. She indicated she needed to do some research and would get back to me.

I assumed "research" meant asking some of the other staff and co-workers, otherwise I would have called the lodge myself.

As promised, Jessica called me back about an hour later. It was apparent, during her answer, that she herself had called the lake I was referencing. Not only did she let me know that "Yes, they do allow personal water craft but she even noted they have a mph limit."

I certainly did not expect this extended level of service but was VERY appreciative of her effort just the same.

Additionally, Jessica was very helpful with information on types of equipment, availability dates and specifications.

It is common to find businesses that boast of their commitment to customer service but Rare to find a company that actually delivers on what they promise. Redline Recreational Toys is a very professional company with a "family" feel staffed by employees who actually want to increase business by keeping current customers happy.

I would highly recommend RedLine to anybody looking to improve their "toy selection" without all the hassles of actual ownership.

R. John Cooper
Meridian/Boise, Idaho

Varied Interests

In 2009, as our young family started to grow, we began looking at recreational equipment as we did not currently own any large "toys".

But our family has many different interests with three kids and we enjoy many different recreational activities so it was hard to justify putting all our money into one large recreational toy like a boat. So RedLine's option of sharing allowed us to have access to all of the equipment (winter & summer) that we enjoy and at a fraction of the cost. It is a good fit for our family with varied interests.

Todd Gill

Carefree Experience

My wife and I have been using RedLine Rec Toys for more than 4 years.

We are able to afford to own and have owned recreation equipment for many years. Once we started using RedLine we sold all or our equipment and use RedLine's exclusively.

We have taken advantage of Boats, Snowmobile, ATVs, UTV, Class C motor homes and Class A motor homes. We plan our summer and winter activities around this equipment. We have been so happy with Kyle, Marissa and the rest of the staff. We tell everyone we see about how great RedLine is. The equipment is very good, the service is outstanding and when we do have a problem, Kyle and the other staff have bent over backwards to make it right. Kyle even went so far as coming down to change a tire one evening late to make sure our trip to Lake Powell the next day would be trouble free. With no insurance, no maintenance, no storage and no hassle, our camping trips have been wonderful. We can highly recommend for an enjoyable, carefree experience.

John and Wendy Moore

All The Toys I Want

Buying a RedLine Membership is one of the best decisions I've ever made.

I get all the toys I want without all the hassles of taking care of them. The staff is great and makes it convenient for me to pick up and drop off with ease. I get to focus on having fun with my friends and family without any worries.

Chris O'Neill

Maximum Use Of Membership

Dear RedLine Recreational Toys, I wanted to express my gratitude for your outstanding dedication to making sure my family and I get the maximum use of my membership.

I texted Dan at 8pm if I could have the toy hauler the next day and he responded after checking the schedule at 9:30pm that night. I really didn't think with my poor planning that they could make it happen. They did. I really don't have any experience using these toys, especially the ski boat. Dan came up to Lucky Peak and explained how to use the boat and all its features. I really felt comfortable after you spending that time with me. I also have used your ATVs on our hunting trip last fall and using your trailer allowed me to bring my other ATV also. We had a great trip and came home with back strap also. I am so impressed with your performance, I also commend on all the volunteering for special charity's and fundraiser, and offering your warehouse for the special events to raise money. We need more people like yourselves to set the example for others to follow. I will continue to promote you and your company at any chance I can get. Each and everyone of you - Dustin, Joe, Dan, Rich, Kim - are first class. Thanks for making my membership enjoyable and saving me from having to buy and own all the toys myself (money saver).

Brandon Wright
Ultra Clean Inc.
Boise, Idaho

Crunch The Numbers

We have been members for a little over a year, and have enjoyed the ATVs, Ski Boats, Snowmobiles, and Wave Runners.

And we had a GREAT 7 day RV tour around Jackson Hole, Yellowstone and Northern Idaho. Where else can you have great access to top-notch recreational toys, all ready to go pretty much anytime you want to use them? Let alone the variety for all seasons?

RedLine's tag line, "All of the fun, none of the hassle" is spot on! My family and I are very happy with our RedLine membership. In fact, I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that this program is the best bang for the buck out there in the recreational toy industry.

If you really sit down and "crunch the numbers", you will quickly realize that owning even one of these toys individually will cost you more in the long run than a membership at RedLine. If you have it in your budget for a boat, consider budgeting for year-round fun without the headaches of ownership. Besides, think of all the space you will get back in your garage!

Thanks again RedLine for bringing Idaho's great outdoors closer to my family.

Kind Regards
Dan McQuesten
Boise, Idaho

What You Really Get

Dear RedLine Recreational Toys, I grew up in a family that rarely enjoyed the great outdoors.

I had friends whose parents owned ski boats, camper trailers, RV's, snowmobiles, ATV's,  and other toys and I always remember how much fun they had together. It became my dream that when I had a family of my own, I would give them the opportunities that I didn’t have as a child.

A few years ago I bought a snowmobile. It was a lot of fun, but the rest of my family wasn’t getting much enjoyment out of it. As each year went by, I needed to put more and more money into the upkeep of the snowmobile. I finally decided it was time to buy a new one. About the same time, a wake boat that we shared with my in-laws was also requiring a lot of maintenance and they decided to sell it. In addition, my wife and I had talked about looking into buying a camp trailer. Of course there was no way for us to purchase all these toys. I wasn’t sure which one we would get the most use out of or which recreational activities my kids would love the most.

I began searching the internet for different toys in the Boise area and I came across an ad for RedLine Recreational Toys. I quickly realized that this was the perfect solution for my family. My only regret was that I hadn’t thought of the business myself. How else could a family use a variety of high quality recreational vehicles for the same cost of buying one new snowmobile? We wouldn’t have to pay for storage, registration, insurance or maintenance. Unlike rentals, the equipment was all new, top quality and well-maintained.

The customer service provided by RedLine has been unlike any I have ever experienced. The company treats you like family. Dan and Dustin answer all my questions and take the time to explain in detail how everything works. They take my calls at all hours of the day and night to answer any question I have about the equipment I have checked out. I am sure it gets old when I forget how to use something and ask the same questions over and over, but they never seem bothered by it.

That first year with RedLine was the best my family has ever experienced. We played in the great outdoors more than ever before. On several occasions we used the motor home (RV), the Rhino (UTV), the four-wheelers (ATV), the wave-runners (personal watercraft), the ski boat, and the snowmobiles and never had a problem reserving any of them. Our membership with RedLine Recreational Toys gives my kids the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in a way that I never did. And who knows, maybe as they grow into teenagers, they will actually enjoy spending time with their parents.


What Should I Buy?

I wish you could have been there to see my kids eyes when I walked in the door and they asked where I had been.

When I replied, “picking out the ski boat we are going to use at the lake this summer, choosing which ATV we are going to use at elk camp, deciding which motor home (RV) we are going to spend our time in, and taking pictures of the jet skis (personal watercraft) we’ll use”, I thought they were going to have a heart attack.

You all have been awesome to work with. From the time you take to show us how to safely operate each toy, to the ease of making that phone call and adding an additional ATV for the week-end, the team there at RedLine is great! Their customer service is second to none in the Boise valley. The equipment is always in top shape and to get all of these toys for less than what it would cost for me to own two ATVs is a great deal.

Jay Snyder

With RedLine I Own All The Toys!

There are very few things a person never forgets, their first kiss, their first love, where you were when Kennedy was shot and the first time you walk into RedLine Recreational Toys and see the motor homes (RV), jet ski’s (Personal Watercraft), snowmobiles, motor bikes, ski boats, fishing boats and other recreation vehicles, all BIG BOY TOYS and their ALL MINE.

Yes their all mine, sure I need to share them with other owners but when I want them they are MINE. I loved last summer. In June I took a 28 foot class C motor home on a week vacation from Boise to Yellowstone. The next weekend I have a 22 foot ski boat up at Lucky Peak Lake, Then first week of august I have a 30 foot class A motor home camping at hells canyon, with two three person jets skis and 22 foot ski boat. Next week, third week in January, I am taking 4 snowmobiles to McCall. What I pay for access to ALL MY TOYS is less than what I would pay for insurance, and depreciation on one of the toys. They store the toys, maintain the toys, license the toys, insure the toys, all I have to do is PLAY WITH THE BIG BOY TOYS.

Dan and the staff are incredible in teaching the participants how to safely use and maintain the toys. Every thing I was told when I was talking with them considering purchasing my points has come true or been accomplished.

If you are like me and your “401” retirement is now a “104”, RedLine Recreational Toys is an incredible deal and the best method to get the toys and as their motto says “all the fun and none of the hassle”.

Allen Rader, MD

No Longer Have To Choose

I just wanted drop you a note to say how much we've enjoyed being members of RedLine. My family loves to play outdoors; it's a huge part of why my family chooses to live here in the Treasure Valley, Boise area.

Over the years we've owned snowmobiles, ski boats, jet boats, camp trailers and dirt bikes, but never all at once. The burden of storing, maintaining and insuring all of that gear is just too much. Not to mention the monthly payments and depreciation costs.

Now I have all the toys and more. Before we joined RedLine my family had to pick and choose which RV's, ATVs, Snowmobiles, toy haulers, camper trailers, wake boats to own, limiting our ability to enjoy the very reason we love Idaho. Thank you for taking such good care of us. It truly is all of the fun with none of the hassles.

Troy Wheeler