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Wake Boats

It's all about the wake!  And like they say, SIZE (and shape!) MATTERS.  No matter if your passion is wake-surfing/skating/boarding, knee-boarding, tubing, skiing or the air chair, RedLine's fleet of wake boats will let you GO BIG before you go home.  With seating for up to 14, up to 4000 lbs of fast-fill/drain ballast, lots of speakers, and lots of storage, you can have a boat-load of fun, Fun, FUN !!!

Wake Boat - 7 - Lucky Peak

INTRODUCING THE ALL-NEW AXIS WAKE T22 This versatile, 22-foot wake machine meets the demand of those who prefer a traditional bow style, while offering new advancements in hull design, styling and modern-day features including the auto-set Wedge and SURF GATE®. So raise your ...