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Epic Wake Boat Set Up


How To Set Up Wakeboats For Surfing, Wakeboarding, Skiing, and more!

Epic Wake Boats possess the largest stock ballast tanks in the industry – offering a functional and dynamic boat for several applications. Surfing, wakeboarding, skiing and tubing can all be performed at a high level behind RedLine’s competition wake boats.

Surfing is one of the hottest new recreational activities in the country. Epic Wake Boats throw one of the steepest surf wakes you’ll find. In order to get the perfect surf, you have to understand how to operate the ballast system and wake plate. First, identify which foot the rider prefers to ride with forward (closest to the boat when in the water) – then adjust the boats settings accordingly:

For “Goofy” riders (right foot forward) – Fill the right tank full, front tank full, wake plate up, speed 10.8 – 11.2 MPH. In test drives, we’ve found 10.9 to be the optimal speed at Lucky Peak.

For “Regular” riders (left foot forward) – Fill the left tank full, front tank full, wake plate up, speed 10.8 -11.2 MPH. In test drives, we’ve found 10.9 to be the optimal speed at Lucky Peak.

Wakeboarding has become a staple in the watersports community. Wakeboarders of all ages are throwing down on the fully customizable wake offered by Epic Wake Boats. Settings vary based on the skill of the rider. Things to consider include:

Ballast – no ballast is needed for beginning riders. Intermediate riders usually prefer the front tank full, and the left and right tanks half full. Advanced riders usually prefer all the tanks full.

Wake plate – the wake plate can be adjusted up and down by eye; the cleaner the top lip of the wake is the better; if you have “white wash” at the top of the lip, adjust the plate up and down until it smooths out.

Speed – is an important aspect of the ride, based on experience and personal preference. Speeds usually range from 16-17 MPH for beginners up to 23-24 MPH for advanced riders.

Rope length – is usually based on personal preference and comfort level. Typical lengths range from 55’ to 75’. Vary the rope length to find a length comfortable for you.

Skiing behind competition wake boats is less than optimal for the traditional water skier. Make sure to empty ALL the ballast tanks and put the wake plate all the way down. Always ask water skiers what speed they are comfortable riding at. Always hook ski ropes to the “ski hook” at the rear of the boat.

Tubing can be the happiest event of the day for a family with children. Always pull tubers from the ski hook located at the rear of the boat – pulling tubes from the wakeboard tower can cause serious harm or death to people in the water or in the boat. Make sure to operate the boat at a safe, controlled speed with riders on a tube or towable device.

Kyle Takac, RedLine