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Join the Club. Share The Toys!

Each membership package is customized to the Member's recreational needs, desires and budget.

Each Toy has a points 'cost' per day.  The table to the right shows how many points per day are needed to reserve and use the different types of Toys.  Don't forget that you can pick up the afternoon before your reservation starts, and return the morning after your last reservation day.

We will help you determine how many points per year you need so you can have the most excellent adventures with family and friends.  You decide the duration of the package (typically 3 to 5 years), as well as the payment terms, and both of these factors influence the overall cost of the package.

Once you have a package, your yearly points get deposited at the beginning of each year and it's up to you how and when you 'spend' your points.  If you don't use all your points during a year, they will roll over to your next membership year.  If you want to have extra fun during the year and don't have enough points, you can purchase additional points a la carte.

How Does It Add Up ?

A RedLine membership not only saves you the hassles and frustrations that accompany owning or renting Toys, it also saves you $$$ .  How can that be?  With a membership you have easy and convenient access to Toys at $/hour costs that beat rental rates on comparable Toys.  But the savings really add up when you compare the total cost of owning Toys versus what an equal spend on a RedLine membership will get you. Why buy one Toy when you can share them all!