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Camper Camping 101

Camping is known to have a whole host of health benefits for everyone that partakes, and we definitely know why. Between sleeping better, increased vitamin D intake (probably), and just plain happiness, we recommend camping for everyone! Camping is said to be rising in popularity, especially among younger generations. This is due to affordability, stress reduction, and of course, authentic smores. In 2018, 77 million households in the US have someone who camps at least occasionally, with a majority camping at least three times a year. The best part is, you don’t usually have to travel that far to get to a good camping spot. 59% of campers stay within 100 miles of home.

While a lot of people do camp, there are always rookies looking to make camping their new hobby. We’ve compiled a list of things to remember while camping- specifically in a camper trailer- for newbies, but old pros might also like having their memory refreshed.

  • -Check how much your vehicle can tow- if you’re towing a camper trailer, this is going to be hugely important! How much your vehicle can tow will determine the size of camper you can get.
  • -Pre-check the size of your hitch- also important: most campers use a 2” ball on their hitch, but always be sure to triple check before you pick it up
  • -Have a list of essentials & check them off one by one- there are a billion pre-made lists online of things to bring while camping (food, supplies, medical supplies, etc.) so make sure you do your research.
  • -You can pre-pack & no suitcases- if you choose, you can pre-load the camper in the closet space for all your clothes- which seriously eliminates a lot of space-taking luggage. This brings us to our next tip:
  • -Don’t overload the camper- while it’s great to have the option of pre-packing the camper, don’t overload or make it too heavy and crowded. You want to be able to move around your camper, not have to pick your way through the maze of stuff you brought.
  • -Fresh water + black/grey water- it’s a gross topic, but necessary. Fill your tank with your fresh drinking water and don’t forget to empty your black/grey water tank when you’re done. TRUST ME.
  • -Set- up on flat ground- self explanatory enough; you don’t want to be sleeping on uneven ground- make sure your final set up spot is flat.
  • -Power- if you’re going to a campground that supplies power, make sure to have the correct power adaptor for all kinds of outlets. If you’re not going to a campground like that…
  • -Don’t forget a generator- you will most likely need power of some sort, so bringing a backup generator is always a good idea. (Psst- if you’re renting a camper from Redline, you can get one included in your reservation)
  • -Bring coolers/food inside when you leave your vehicle- bears, raccoons, other humans, oh my! Make sure to bring in all your food when you leave your campsite. Animals and other people are notorious for taking food that might not belong to them and potentially tearing up your campground. Be smart and avoid Brenda the bear’s visit.