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Top 5 Camping Spots in Idaho

Camping in Idaho is sublime for just about nine months of the year. Idaho is the 14th largest state, and is also the 7th least densely populated. This means there's A LOT of space, and subsequently, some really great terrain to camp in all throughout the state. 


We polled our office to find our teams favorite places, both well-known and not. All of these campsites are camper/RV and tent friendly, so you can camp whichever way you love most. 


1. Ponderosa State Park: Probaby a better known camping spot, Ponderosa is a fan-favorite Image result for ponderosa state parkaround here. On the northeast side of McCall, Ponderosa is known for its proximity to the town and all the activities that are accessible from the campsite. Hiking, biking, beach access, guided walks, wildlife watching, and snow activities are all availableto Ponderosa visitors. 



2. Bull Trout Lake: Part of the Boise National Forest, Bull Trout Lake sits at an elevation of 6,900 feet, with beach access and a campsite specifically for equestrian campers. The lake offers great canoe and kayak based activities as it is non-motorized watercraft only. 

(FTR, anywhere in Boise National Forest that is camping friendly will be an amazing spot for the whole fam.)


3. Farragut State Park: Farragut has the distinct pleasure of being relatively close to Ceour d' Image result for farragut state parkAlene and to Idaho's (what many would consider, best,) themepark, Silverwood. This massive camp area has close access to Lake Pend Oreille, and boasts amazing hiking trails and peaceful scenery. 





4. Pine Flats Campground: Another campground in the Boise National Forest, a few miles west of Lowman known for rafting, kayaking, or fishing. The jewel of this crown, though, is the numerous hot springs, accessible along the Wildlife Canyon Scenic Byway.


5. Salmon River Campground: Another hot spring- accessible campground is the Salmon River Campground. With two sides to this site, there are numerous areas to hike, fish, and also the added gem of being able to visit the town of Stanley during your stay.