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Hitch Up- We're Going On Vacation

Road trip season is coming up and we are excited! Hitting the road with your family or friends is an amazing experience that everyone should get. Here at Redline, we run large and small Class C RV’s, along with a variation of camp trailers to fit all needs. In the next few months, our blog will have an RV/camper focus for anyone who might want to utilize this mode of transportation this summer. To start, we’ve made a list of reasons why RV’s and campers are some of the best ways to travel.


Forced Family Fun Time

We’re joking about the forced part, but It is true that family bonding increases exponentially when everyone is in the same space together. Redline’s RV’s and campers can fit up to eight adults comfortably (Large Class C RV) and even more if you’re with kids.


Get Comfy Ya’ll

Campers and RV’s mean that you have everything you need right there. Equipped with beds, bathrooms, kitchens, closets, and more, this equipment should fulfill every need you’d have while on the road. You can fully stock your kitchen to avoid hitting up so many fast food spots or throw your own pillow in so you don’t have to use a hotel one. It’s the comfort of home, wherever you want.


Ditch the Bags

Like we mentioned before, these RV’s and camper’s come equipped with closets and bathrooms. Ultimately, this means that you can ditch those bulky luggage sets and just pack everything right into the vehicle. Utilize the cupboards, closet space, and bathroom drawers to create more space and avoid the double or triple unpack/repacking conundrum.


Size Matters

There are so many different sized vehicles to choose from. Redline’s fleet consists of Class C RVs -both small and large- in addition to a multitude of campers for everyone. Our small Class C RV starts at 26 feet while our large is 28 feet long. The camp trailers at Redline are all ½ ton (for inclusive driving abilities) and range in length and size. These options are essential for those with big or small traveling groups.


Should We Go Left? Or Right?

Our favorite part of roadtripping in an RV or camper is the freedom. That’s the freedom of going wherever you want, whenever you want. You don’t have to keep track of plane tickets or hotel reservations. Your schedule is totally up to you. So, if you decide to take that left fork on the road instead of the planned right turn? You won’t be missing out on anything in your schedule, so do it.


By A Landslide

Of course, we’re all excited that spring is here and warm weather is on the way. But with that comes the melting snow and shifting earth that can lead to some pretty serious safety issues and damage. Landslides and mudslides are a serious natural disaster that has occurred in all 50 states. Caused by snowmelt and heavy rainwater, among other factors, landslides can cause significant damage to structures, acreage, and human life. We’ve piled together a small list of safety tips to remember during this rainy season. Keep in mind, there are always more safety tips around, so make sure to do your own research if you are located in a danger zone.



  1. Create an evacuation plan for yourself and your family (including pets)
  2. Assemble/ maintain an emergency preparation kit
  3. Be familiar with the land and area
  4. Watch out for patterns of water drainage


During Storms:

  1. Evacuate out of area if possible
  2. Listen for sounds that indicate moving debris
  3. Be alert while driving- collapsed pavement, mud, fallen rocks, etc.
  4. Look for tilted trees, telephone poles, fences, etc.


During Mudslide:

  1. Get out of path of debris flow
  2. Move to highest ground away from debris path



  1. Stay away from site- additional slides may occur
  2. Report broken utility lines
  3. Watch for flooding- can cause shifting earth

What To Wear In Winter

Our outdoor snow activities are only as good as our snow gear. If we’re not staying warm and dry, the day will be cut short, and that’s the last thing any of us want. RedLine is lucky enough to have Western Power Sports (WPS) and Klim as partners, and with such a great partnership, our members get a discount on all WPS and Klim gear, including Fly Racing gear. We love seeing the new apparel lines that both WPS and Klim come out with each year, and the winter lines are no different. 


Fly Racing:

download-3.jpgAt Redline, we use the Fly Racing Aurora line for our members and renters when they need snow gear. The Aurora line is designed to withstand anything your adventures can throw at you. It features Hydraguard Weatherproof tech and 450D strong, comfortable shell materials in both the bibs and jackets to keep you warm and dry while you ride.




We’ve had great luck with all the gear we’ve tried (and we’re always excited to try more). Another set we really enjoy download-2.jpgis the Carbon line. The Carbon jackets and bibs were created for those adventures who want to explore the harshest conditions. With Hydraguard Pro for the ultimate protection and Cordura for durability, this line allows you to perform at your best without sacrificing mobility for your weather protection.





download-1.jpgFeet are almost always the first extremity to get cold, so good protection is vital in the outdoors. One of our favorite boots from Fly are the Marker Boa boots. We love these because they’re all-encompassing protection for any kind of activity you’ll be doing on a snowmobile. Weatherproof with a durable rubber sole and thermal insulation, this pair provides great protection to keep your feet warm and dry.




download.jpgThe other extremity to always get chilled first is definitely the hands, so a good pair of gloves are so important when you’re playing in the snow. We use the Aurora gloves for our members and love the strong, water/windproof membrane that keep fingers warm. When we splurge, we’ve really been liking the Ignitor Heated Gloves. Fully insulated and water/windproof, these gloves come with 3 level heat capabilities and long-lasting lithium ion batteries to not only keep your hands dry, but also toasty warm no matter the surrounding weather.




image_2019_02_19T18_59_35_537Z.pngKlim has amazing gear, but it’s definitely the pricier option. RedLine members get a discount on gear ordered through our office and we’ve really enjoyed what we’ve tried out. Keeping price in mind, we really like the Storm jacket and bibs. This line has a relaxed fit for ultimate comfort with a highly efficient ventilation scheme to keep you dry while riding. One of our favorite helmets from Klim is the F3 Helmet. We like that it comes in a variety of sizes and colors for everyone, in addition to its strong but lightweight design to keep its’ rider safe.


Get Your ATV's in Gear



The sun is shining, the snow is starting to melt, and we are finally tearing the covers off our ATV’s. Idaho is known to have almost every kind of outdoor sport you can think of, and we’re proud of it. Every season brings sosportsman-570-gallery-4.jpgmething new, and we delight in utilizing every piece of equipment and machinery we can. From snowmobiles to jet-skis, camper-trailers to UTV’s, Redline’s team and members can experience it all. While it’s not quite the weather to take the Axis T22 out on the water yet, we’re definitely coming up on being able to take our ATV’s and UTV’s out on the trails. We polled our office to find the best local trails for our members and friends to explore.






Idaho City

As part of the Boise National Park, the Idaho City trail system includes over 400,000 acres of open land. Idaho City is about an hour north of Boise, so it’s perfect for people who can’t quite make it far away locations.

Hemingway Butte

 Also known as part of the Owyhee Front, Hemingway Butte connects to hundreds of miles of rideable trails. There are over nine trailheads to choose from, designated camping spots, and Lowell Lake nearby, it’s a perfect place for a day trip or a camping trip.

Ridge Road & 8th Street

 8th Street and Ridge Rd are amazing, local, not-quite-so-hidden gems just northeast of Boise. It’s great for hiking, mountain biking, and equestrian use, in addition ATV/UTV riding. Lucky Peak Reservoir is nearby, making it an easy day trip for everyone to enjoy. 

Weiser Sand Dunes

 Weiser is an easy day trip from Boise and the Sand Dunes are an amazing option for a day of trail-riding. There are about 130 acres to ride and camping spots available all year. 

Little Gem Cycle Park

 Another area close by is Little Gem in Emmett. It sports a natural terrain motocross track and is open all year round for riders. There are miles of trails and play areas available to ride and a camp ground a few miles away for overnight trips.


There are so many places to ride in Idaho that we couldn’t possibly list them all. A great resource for finding riding locations nation-wide is This website has places to ride in all the surrounding states and areas of Idaho that we don’t have space to mention here.

We Want to go Where The Snow Is

Snowmobiling hasn’t been around very long, historically speaking. Humans actually learned to fly before the first snow machine was built (1903 vs 1908) and the word ‘snowmobile’ wasn’t used until 1913. Fast forward to 2019, the sport of snowmobiling has grown in popularity and availability for many in North America. On average about 3 million people partake in the sport on over 200,000 miles of groomed and marked snowmobile trails throughout North America. Designs have changed since its’ conception in 1908, with comfort and convenience showing a marked improvement. Since more than 95% of snowmobile enthusiasts consider snowmobiling a family activity, it’s no wonder the search for good trails and location is intense and a well guarded secret. In Idaho, we’re lucky to have a huge repertoire of open areas and trails to utilize, but the Pacific Northwest is home to a lot of great locations. We’ve compiled our team’s favorite locations throughout the PNW to make the search easier for you.


All of Idaho is home to thousands of acres of open grounds and trails. First one up is very close to our RedLine hearts and easy to access for many Idahoans. McCall is only a two-hour drive from Boise and is a popular destination for many. There are many good attributes of McCall for snowmobiling, including the options for guided or nonguided toursMcCall.jpgaround over 544 miles of groomed trails and the wide open terrain for off trail travel. McCall has consistently been ranked in the top 10 Northwestern US area for snow sport locations, and it’s easy to see why.




Unanimously chosen as a great snowmobiling location by our resident snow machine gurus at RedLine, Teton Valley at the foot of the Grand Teton Mountain Range and the slight foray into Yellowstone National Park and is a great Idaho option. It sits only just over the hill from Jackson Hole, and is right in the middle of the best snowmobiling territory in the US.


Another great option for Idaho is our amazing Northern resort town, Coeur d’Alene. Home to a RedLine location, CDA also marks the Western edge of a 1,000-mile trail system that stretches all the way to Montana. The CDA Snowmobile Club is proud to promote snowmobiling and preserve access to public land.



One of the most beautiful national parks in the entire PNW is Crater Lake National Park. Since the winter lasts about nine months of the year due to the park’s higher elevations, it gets roughly 45 feet of snow annually. This gives way for amazing snow activities all around the park. There are guided and nonguided tours of the park available for snowmobilers and Diamond Lake is a very recommended locale for sightseeing.


mthood.jpegMt. Hood offers beautiful scenery and hundreds of miles of wonderful winter playground with groomed trails and fluffy powder. There are guided and nonguided tours available by multiple outfits, with a chance to take in the amazing views and outdoors.






The Bend area as a whole is an amazing place for snowmobiling. The Mt. Bachelor trail system stretches over 250 miles into many open snowfields and amazing mountain terrain. There are resorts, breweries and restaurants throughout the area for entertaining stops on your way through.



A part of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, the Plains of Abraham are a very popular snowmobiling location in Washington. It’s right next to Mt. St. Helens, with the ability toMt_St_Helens.jpg ride along a pretty extensive trail system on the east side of the mountain. In the National Forest, there are also cabins and tours available to the public.




Leavenworth is a great destination during the winter and summer, and we’re glad to add it to the list. There’s over 150 miles of trails to explore, with guided and nonguided tours available. The town of Leavenworth has a lot to offer besides the mountains, and we highly recommend utilizing all it has to offer.


We have one more park to add to the list and that is the PNW’s magnificent Mt. Rainier National Park. There is a Sno- Park that offers 68 miles of groomed trails for snowmobilers. This part of Washington is absolutely beautiful and we’re so lucky to have parks like these so easily accessible.



*As always, we encourage our members and friends to check conditions and familiarize themselves with the terrain before they go out to stay safe.

We're Hiring!

Summer is coming! Our team members at RedLine are lucky enough to spend our summers in the mountains and lakes around Idaho- and we want to extend that luck! Spring Shores Marina at Lucky Peak Reservoir is hiring for the summer, and we are looking for positive, high- energy, motivated individuals to join our team. There are about 15 open positions for the 2019 summer. With the amazing location and great team already in place, it’s bound to be a great season. We’ve listed the open positions below; for more details and the application, email


Marina Lead: 1-2 Open Positions

  • The Marina Lead will report to Marina Manager and/or General Manager. They will assist the Marina Manager in all aspects of unit operations and floor management, including equipment. They will also help oversee the daily operations of the Marina and Outdoor Services. They should possess winning attitude to help make Sandy Shores Marina a premiere destination location.


Marina Attendant: 10+ Open Positions

  • The Marina Attendant will be responsible for serving Marina members and guests for all their needs.  A positive attitude is absolutely required, along with the ability to adequately communicate and accept direction. We’re looking for flexible, high energy, motivated individuals to deliver exceptional customer service to our members and guests.


Kitchen Staff: 1-2 Open Positions

  • The Kitchen Staff will be responsible for food preparation, inventory management, and other basic kitchen duties. They will need to be able to provide exceptional customer service to all members and guests, in addition to positivity and flexibility in the work environment.

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