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Snowmobile 101: Basics For Everyone

Snowmobiles are understandably RedLine’s most used vehicle during the winter, and for good reason. Idaho has amazing snowmobiling areas throughout the state that allow people of all ages and skill levels to get out on the trails and explore. Every year, we get more and more people coming in to take advantage of all the winter in Idaho has to offer, and we’re always excited to introduce snowmobiling to all newcomers. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a small list of the basics of snowmobiling. Of course, we always recommend that our members and renters do their research before going out for their own safety and convenience. We also have out team of semi bona fide experts at our office, so if there are ever any questions, be sure to call in.


Basic Safety Tips:

  • Know Where You’re Riding: There are so many resources (as stated in our Avalanche Safety blog post) to make sure you are completely prepared for all conditions and situations while you’re out riding. Make sure to check the weather advisories, avalanche warnings, and other conditional reports before you go out.
  • Routine Machine Maintenance: Taking good care of your machine is a huge factor in making sure your adventure will be seamless. Routine maintenance will alert you to any problems your machine has and also keep you well acquainted with the ins and outs of your snowmobile.
  • Protective Gear: Wearing all the protective gear is crucial for your safety doing any kind of physical activity. But in the snow, it’s also important to make sure your gear keeps you warm. Good quality base layers and over layers that are breathable, helmets, gloves, bibs, and jackets will ensure your adventure in the snow is safe, fun, and warm.


Other Things to Consider

  • Extra clothes
  • Food
  • Emergency supplies
  • Alternate communication
  • Maps


Snowmobile Terms You Should Know

  • Throttle: Squeezing the throttle lever feeds more fuel to the engine which in turn powers the driveshaft and rubber track moving you forward (or backwards on machines equipped with reverse)
  • Hood/ Cowl: Protects and covers the engine and other mechanical components
  • Engine: Snowmobile engines are generally two stroke except for newer models that use four stroke engines
  • Hull/tub: AKA a belly pan, it is meant to aid in floatation in deep snow and also to protect the undercarriage from rocks, ice, and other hard debris
  • Ski Tip Handle: handy for pulling, moving, and lifting the vehicle
  • Skis: Including wear bars and carbides, the skis glide along the surface of the snow and steer the vehicle through the snow. Most ski blades have stabilizers that run along the bottom of the blade to decrease side-to-side motion
  • Ski Spindle: Connects the ski to both the suspension and the steering systems
  • Shock Absorber: Using either springs, hydraulics, or both, shocks will help give you a comfortable and smooth ride over bumpy terrain
  • Track: Made from reinforced rubber, the track is wrapped around the rear suspension system of the snowmobile and is driven by the engine
  • Rear Suspension: Suspends the track as it digs into the snow which helps maintain contact between the snowmobile and the snow. Also supports the rear of the snowmobile by absorbing bumps allowing for a smooth ride
  • Instrument Panel: Gives you information about your snowmobile such as speed. Also includes warning lights and the tachometer. The tachometer indicates the rotation speed of the driveshaft in RPM’s



Everything You Wanted to Know About RedLine

RedLine often gets questions about our memberships, our equipment, or just how the whole concept works. As we start 2019, we want to share exactly what makes RedLine so special and why it's a great idea for families all over the PNW. We came up with the top 15 questions we get asked regularly to answer for all members or potential new members. 


What is RedLine?

RedLine Recreational Toys uses toy sharing to revolutionize the convenience, ease, and affordability of family fun and recreation. Toy sharing eliminates the hassles of maintenance, storage, insurance, taxes, licensing and registration by allowing members access to entire fleet of vehicles that they would otherwise have to own. RedLine provides a way for families to enjoy boats, PWCs, ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, campers, motor homes, and more, without the high costs of renting or the hassles of owning.

Where is RedLine?

Our main office is located in Meridian, but we have other locations for pickup/ drop-off at Spring Shores Marina and in McCall

How much does a membership cost?

The best part about our memberships is that they’re completely customizable to our members’ needs. We put information into an equation and take into account the equipment the member needs, how often they’ll use it, and if they want a one-, three-, or five- year membership to come up with the recommended points. We also offer various payment arrangements to fit all needs.

How do points work?

Points will never expire during the membership and will rollover from year to year. As agreed and defined by each individual membership agreement, a set number of points are deposited into a member's account on their anniversary date of each membership year

Can I get more points?

All members are able to buy additional points at any time during their membership for their designated price-per-point. RedLine also has sales on extra points throughout the year- so keep an eye out on our monthly emails or social media for news of those sales.

What are the operating hours at all locations?

Meridian location:

Monday-Friday: 9 am- 6 pm
Saturday: 10 am- 5 pm
Sunday: Office closed- shop open for pick up/drop-off

McCall location:

Monday- Friday: 9 am- 6 pm
Saturday: 10 am- 5 pm
Sunday: Office closed- shop open for pick up/ drop- off

Spring Shores Marina: (summer hours) 

Monday- Sunday: 9 am- 9 pm

What hours can I pickup/drop-off equipment?

If the equipment is being used for one day, members will pick up at 10 am and drop- off at 9 am the next day. If a member is using equipment for two or more days, there is convenient pick-up and drop-off times to allow members to get their toys after 3 pm the day BEFORE their reservation begins and drop off before 10 am the morning AFTER the reservation ends.

How does pickup at McCall or the Spring Shores Marina work?

Pick up at the McCall location is the same as the Meridian location. It’s pick up the afternoon before and drop-off the morning after your scheduled reservation. Pick up at Spring Shores Marina is a little different than our other locations. Here the boats, pontoons and PWC’s are already in the water ready to go! We offer four hour and eight hour reservations (partial day) as well as multi-day reservations.

What are your most used vehicles?

Idaho is known for its hot, sunny summers and cold, snowy winters. Our most-used summertime equipment are our wake boats as well as our PWC’s.  Our most-used wintertime equipment is our mountain and trail snowmobiles.

What’s availability like?

Availability will vary depending on the time of year and piece of equipment you are wanting to reserve. Major holidays are going to have the least availability as those days are the first to get reserved. Our partial day reservations open up availability for those just looking to go out for just the day or a few hours! Every year we continue to grow our fleet to make sure there is availability and that our members are satisfied. All members are encouraged to book equipment ahead of time and are able to reserve up to one year in advance.

What equipment does my membership let me utilize?

Anything and everything! Your membership isn’t limited by vehicles. You can use any vehicle for as long as you need as long as your points and the equipment are available.

How do I book equipment?

To book equipment, you can go to our site using your login info and book from there, email one of our team members, or you can call our office to get reserved over the phone.

What happens if something breaks down or gets damaged in the middle of my reservation?

We do have a 24/7 on-call service number that all members are encouraged to call in the event there is an issue with their equipment. Our team will try to diagnose and fix the problem over the phone, and if that’s not possible, we have the resources to send someone to you to fix the issue or replace the vehicle. If none of that is possible, we will refund the points to the members.

Am I liable for damaged equipment?

In the event that a vehicle is damaged, the member is liable to pay up to our deductible on that piece of equipment. If a member wants to use their own insurance, they are welcome to. If the damage doesn’t exceed our deductible, the member will be responsible for paying us to fix it- the cost of labor and the dealer cost on parts, which is generally much less than taking the equipment to an external mechanic.

Is extra equipment provided with the vehicles?

Depending on the vehicle, there are pieces of safety equipment that will come along with it. On our boats and PWC’s, we provide four to 10 PFD’s (depending on which boat is reserved), with the ability to rent more. For vehicles that require helmets, we have them available for rent. We do recommend our members also have their own protective gear on hand, if they have it. During the summer, we have kneeboards, tubes, water-skis, wakeboards, surfboards, paddleboards, kayaks, and more to supplement your summer activities.

Our Favorite Winter Destinations in Idaho

Contrary to outsiders’ popular belief, Idaho has so much to offer all year round. Longtime residents know just what makes our magnificent state so great in the summer and winter months. We all know Idaho has an abundance of land reserved for recreational use, but just what do we like to use it for? Our state has no shortage of ski resorts (18 in total), hot springs, parks, trails, and land open for snowmobile use, for all of its’ residents to use. We polled our office to discover our team’s top destinations to enjoy their winter months with family and friends.


The first destination on our list is McCall. Only two hours from Boise, McCall is probably already on your radar; if not, add it to your must- see list. With an average of 130 inches of snowfall per year, this little town has become quite the attraction in the winter months. What’s even better is the RedLine location on the way into town. This makes it so easy to reserve a toy and not have to worry about hauling it all the way to your end destination. Whether you stay indoors or traverse the outdoors, there’s something for everyone. 

Image result for McCall idaho winter

Burgdorf is our first must- see in McCall that you’re sure to enjoy. This amazing little resort is home to hot springs that are a long- standing McCall feature. During the summer months, Burgdorf is accessible by all vehicles; but during the winter, the only way to get there is by snowmobile. 

The McCall Winter Carnival has a longstanding tradition dating all the way back to 1924. Each year, thousands of people flood McCall to enjoy the events, from their famous snow sculptures, to the snow-bike races and Monster Dog Pull. This year, the Carnival is running from January 25th to February 3rd with the theme of Legends, Myths, and Superheroes. 

Another key to the heart of McCall are the two major ski resorts located within 30 minutes of the town. Tamarack Resort and Brundage Mountain Resort  are two resorts that every skier and snowboarder should visit while in Idaho. Easy to get to, with lessons for every level, they are both complete with a variety of terrain to suit everyone’s interests. 

Sun Valley

Image result for sun valley idaho winter

When you think of Idaho athletics, ice hockey may not be the first sport that comes to mind. Along with the team everyone knows about, the Sun Valley Suns are located in Hailey- a short drive from Sun Valley. If you don’t feel like being outside, go cheer on the local team at the ice rink. Plus, if that inspires you, the rink also offers a public skate period for adults and children.  

Snowmobiling in Idaho is a beloved sport; and there are great trails located all over the state. A few worth mentioning: Baker Creek, Fairfield, and Galena Pass. There are over 300 miles of groomed trails and open play areas in the region, with the option of guided or unguided tours. Don’t forget to check regulations before you head out, as not all areas are open for traffic. 

Coeur d’ Alene

We were happy to welcome a new team and store to our RedLine family this past year. The new location is located less than 20 minutes from the heart of Coeur d’ Alene  and has great access to all kinds of activities in the surrounding cities. 

Image result for coeur d'alene idaho winter

It’s no surprise that more snowmobiling locations are making the list. The two major areas worth mentioning include Roman Nose and Canuck Basin in the Selkirk and Purcell Mountains, respectively. Once again, open play areas and groomed trails grace this region, making this northern Idaho area a mecca for all kinds of snow sports. 


Stanley, Idaho is a bit of a under-discovered gem, in our opinion. Idaho locals know about the town and all it has to offer, but outsiders don’t always know about this well- kept secret. 

If you like being outside in the cold, with the crisp air and untouched snow around you, try backcountry skiing. There are a ton of options for trails and guided tours in this area, with unmatched terrain and untouched powder.  

If skiing isn’t your speed, try snowshoeing or sledding instead. Take a slower pace with snowshoeing into Redfish Lake; or ride down a hill with a sled or even a laundry basket. There are options for both activities near the Sawtooth Mountains or Park Creek and the surrounding areas that are sure to bring fun for everyone.


It may seem obvious, but a lot of our team loves to stay close to home during the colder months! Luckily, Boise has a ton of activities to offer to those of us who like to stay indoors and outdoors when the weather turns.  

Image result for boise idaho winter 

Bogus Basin is a ski and snowboard resort – complete with a tubing hill for those of us less coordinated individuals- that has been around since 1942. Only about an hour away from the Boise city center, this is a must for families that don’t want the hassle of driving too far to get their snow- sport fill.  

Winter Garden aGlow is a holiday light show developed by the Idaho Botanical Garden that boasts a stunning display of over 400,000 lights over almost the entire garden. This amazing show runs from November 22 to January 1, rain or shine, and during holidays! 

We would be remiss in not mentioning the Idaho Potato Drop on New Years’ Eve.  This new-ish event started six years ago and is a free community event that supports local businesses, arts, and charities. With activities for children and adults, plus the giant potato drop at midnight, this is an event that has brought notoriety to Boise and that many enjoy. 

Honorable mentions:

Ashton Dog Derby- Ashton, ID

Bonneville Hot Springs- Boise National Forest, ID 

Idaho City Yurts- Idaho City, ID 

Island Park Cabins and snowmobiling- Island Park, ID

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things

2018 has come to an end and we’ve spent the last few days reflecting on everything that we were fortunate enough to experience this year. RedLine has had an amazing year; full of fun, new things, and memorable moments that we’re so grateful to share with our members and friends. We’ve pulled together some of our favorite things from 2018 to share with you before we ring in the new year.



Picture1.jpgCordova Coolers: We’re so lucky here at RedLine because we partner with Cordova to bring their amazing coolers to our members for a discounted price. This is an awesome company, not only because they’re based out of Nampa- hey locals!- but also because these coolers are made in the USA, come in multiple sizes, and are bear resistant. (It also comes with a built-in bottle opener- so handy.)




Traeger: Traeger is also a RedLine partner, and thank goodness because we use our in-store grill at least three times a week. Traeger grills are very well known, and with good reason. The wood pellet grill offers amazing versatility and consistency with every piece of food that might strike your fancy. It’s an easy way to make an amazing meal, and the Traeger website throws up some really cool recipes that have definitely made our to-do list for 2019.


WPS Fly Racing Helmet (from 2019 Snow Collection)- We’re all about safety while having fun here at RedLine, so we were happy to test out snowmobile helmets to bring you our favorites. The only problem was, we liked too many! We especially liked the Fly Racing 2019 Snow Collection that dropped recently. There are tons of options for everyone in your snowmobile family, including youth, women’s, and men’s options. Some standouts for us were the Elite Vigilant helmet and the F2 Carbon MIPS Shield helmet (in all the colors). Plus, since WPS is a partner of RedLine, members get a discount on all gear! 


Dutchmen Aspen Trail RV- The Aspen Trail is a camp trailer we offer our members and renters and we’ve gotten such good feedback on it! This trailer is a 2018, ½ ton model with an awesome interior, including five beds and a fully- equipped kitchen. This was definitely a fan 2Picture1.jpgfavorite from our members, and it’s been a great addition to our fleet. This is a great option for camping or road-trips with the whole family!



Axis T22 Boat- Summer equipment in general is a favorite of ours and our members’, and it’s not hard to see why. Summer on the water is amazing and this boat just adds to the experience. The Axis is an easy- to- drive, spacious boat, with an awesome wake for all our extra gear. We used these boats throughout the sunny season and had a great time with our family and friends using RedLine’s wakeboards, kneeboards, tubes, and more.


Sea-Doo Spark PWC- RedLine offers Sea- Doo and Kawasaki PWC’s and we love using both of them. However, our Sea- Doo’s got a lot of love this year from our members and friends. The Spark includes a tow pylon/ hook, so you can use the PWC to pull a tube or just cruise around. This was a fantastic addition to our summer fleet at RedLine and we can’t wait for the summer months to roll back around so we can get back on the water.


3Picture1.jpg2019 Polaris RMK Pro 800- We just got these new snowmobiles in, but we’re already in love. Polaris does it again with a fantastic machine that we’re so impressed with. These rides are so smooth and easy to drive even for beginners. Even though snow has just fallen, we’ve gotten great feedback on these pretty amazing machines. 

We're Hiring!

Join Our Team!we-are-hiring

RedLine Recreational Toys is seeking enthusiastic individuals to join our team!

Currently several positiions are open in administrative, sales and service departments.

Send your resume and a brief description of why YOU want to work at RedLine to: .

RedLine Culture

RedLine associates will act with the highest level of professionalism in all situations.  Customer Service is what defines RedLine -- always going above and beyond, never over-promising and under-delivering.  RedLine associates will act with a heightened sense of competitive urgency in all situations.  RedLine associates will operate with a positive and proactive attitude -- never satisfied with the status quo.

RedLine Associates Requirements:

  • Committment
  • Accountability
  • Integrity

RedLine Pillars For Success:

  • Work Hard
  • Work Honestly
  • Have Fun!



With Great Powder, Comes Great Responsibility

Winter has arrived; first snow has fallen, skis have been waxed, and snowmobiles have been up. We’re ready for all the winter activities. While we all the love the outdoors and everything it has to offer, it’s also very important to have a healthy respect for the dangers it possesses. Now that we are well into winter, avalanche safety and knowledge has been pushed to the forefront of importance to our members while they are traversing the PNW’s wintry terrain. We encourage all of our members and friends to keep themselves safe in the snowy mountains. Sadly, 90% of deaths caused by avalanches are triggered by the victim or a member of the victim’s group. We pooled together the most beneficial tips and tricks for our members and friends to prevent such occurrences while taking advantage of our great outdoors.

One of the best ways to prevent misfortune is the proper knowledge and awareness of the area. Appropriate education is vital to staying safe in the snow. Do your research, learn how to use your gear, and make sure you’re using all the resources at your disposal. In Idaho, we’re lucky to have a large amount of means available to us. Each winter, Idaho Parks and Recreation hosts snowmobile-based avalanche awareness classes, so make sure to check out their website to find classes closest to you. Their website also offers tips and other safety facts for further information. is also a fantastic website to learn about your area. They’re also a great resource for checking the forecast of your destination. They combine data from professional forecast centers to provide you with current avalanche information, so they usually have the most up-to-date research. There are tons more online guides devoted to teaching you how to prepare, prevent, and deal with avalanches. The ideal avalanche situation is to have no avalanche situation at all, so learning how to prepare and prevent is really important while doing any activity in the winter season. While we are no experts, we compiled a short list of tips to get you started, but we still highly recommend doing your own research and taking classes to help give you the best chance. 

  1. Take a class provided by professionals if it’s an option. If not, look for online guided tutorials or videos that will demonstrate your best chance at survival. offers free safety training videos on their website, so be sure to research multiple sites.
  2. It’s not always enough to just know how to deal or use your equipment, you need to be an expert.Practice in a safe environment how to use your gear and how to conduct a search using a beacon and probe. Practice until it becomes muscle memory.
    *Beacon Training Parks are training systems designed to help people practice with their transceivers. There are locations accessible throughout the Northwest, so look for one near you for a chance to practice.
  3. Your gear could save your life, so know it well. Whatever specific activity you are participating in, whether skiing, snowmobiling, or any other recreational activity in the snow, make sure you have the sufficient equipment to be able to respond adequately in an avalanche situation.
  4. Check the forecast and daily reports. There are resources specifically designed for avalanche- heavy terrain and those who choose to traverse it. Be familiar with what to look out for and always check the forecast the day you go out.

This is a lot of information and may be overwhelming. But there is good news. Avalanches aren’t some unknown, magical entity that we know nothing about. If you know what to look for and what to avoid, you dramatically increase yor chances of survival. We understand that with winter comes all the fun activities we wait for snow to do. We love those activities too, and we participate every chance we get. We also truly value our members, friends, and family’s safety. So take your classes, do your research, and practice until you’re an expert, so you can keep taking advantage of all the winter fun with us.

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